When Storms Come

A repost from August 2017 – when Houston experienced Hurricane Harvey.

. . . . . . .

Over the past week, I have witnessed more people lose more possessions than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Living in Houston, it was astounding to watch the rain fall and fall. Fifty-two inches in a very short period of time. Over 9 trillion gallons of water! This would be like filling the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City twice or loading the Empire State Building 33,906 times. It is equivalent to nine days of the Mississippi River flowing into and continually flooding Houston or 128 feet of water resting in New Orleans. So much devastation; home after home underwater. And it may take another week or two before water is out of many of the homes.

What It Got Me Thinking…

My friends, I am very confident that many reading this are living through a storm at this very moment. No, not a hurricane, but a personal challenge that has blown in to disrupt and destroy your life. A challenging marriage, finances, drugs or alcohol, or strained relationships in your family. Storms do come! But take heart. Find the time to discover the miracle, ask yourself how this storm is redefining you, and most important, step out in faith knowing it will soon pass and you will come out a healthier and stronger person.

Yes! Storms Come.

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