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Bob’s motivational teachings and programs bring a pragmatic message on leadership and the development of a vibrant corporate culture, sharing platforms with the notable Ronald Reagan, Lou Holtz, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Stovall. When you can’t see him live, these resources are available for your use and execution!


Essentials for a Dynamic Organization

The Harvard Business Review had an article discussing the value of a strong culture. They began by saying that the majority of leaders agree that culture is imperative to success, however, few understand how to get their arms around what is required.


You Can’t Defeat What You Can’t Define

Some have struggled for years, trying to discover the magic key that will unlock the door to success. They just can’t get a consistent series of “wins”, and they can’t determine why. What creates a vision for the future?


Correcting A Contaminated Corporate Culture

I have found if leaders understand how they are to influence others — and why it is important to influence people in the correct way — it softens them to learn a new skill set encompassed around relationships. Grab a mop and let’s get to work!


When Storms Come

Storms are going to come. It matters not how well you plan, it matters not your background, income, or spiritual belief. Storms are going to come. How can you let the negativity go and find the blessings within the struggle?




Confident Hope

Getting through tunnels of life. When facing life’s destructive experiences, we can still experience Confident Hope! This book will teach you how to GET A GRIP.

The Power Of Layered Leadership

A guidebook for current and future leaders, The Power of Layered Leadership will show you how to create a high-performing working environment by focusing on the key to corporate longevity: reproducing leaders.

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