As an entertaining and inspirational motivational speaker, teacher, mentor, and trainer, Bob Goshen delivers high-energy, thought-provoking programs that are filled with one-of-a-kind stories that engage and questions that make people think.

Bob is among the best motivational speakers around thanks to his passion and conviction. Bob diplomatically and constructively identifies leaders’ and managers’ opportunities for improvement in his quest to improve company culture development.

In his book, “The Power of Layered Leadership”, Bob states, “There seems to be a leadership crisis as those in charge of seemingly successful companies commit financial suicide by initiating programs and policies that put egos ahead of common sense.” Let Bob stop in and work on the processes to make your business better!


Keynote and Leadership Speaking

Realistic and proven leadership principles and techniques are delivered by Bob in a humorous, passionate, and engaging way. His presentation has become a hallmark at chamber of commerce, business, church, and college events.

Business Consulting

Bob shares streamlined systems and accountability practices that empower employees to drive the organizational culture at every level – touching every customer, creating the desired customer experience, and fostering customer loyalty to grow profits.

Management Training

Bob’s engaging content paired with his high-energy presentation style is packed with ideas that help your audience improve their productivity, profitability, and leadership performance. Learning becomes easy and fun!

One-On-One Mentoring

Harness the power of Bob’s decades of experience with one-on-one training and tutoring to get your business off the ground, manage others, implement profitable processes ad grow your business!

Let’s build something great together.