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  • Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time
    Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time

    Companies spend countless hours determining the best strategies to move their businesses forward. From the accounting department to branding, social media to sales, production to marketing to logistics, and to multiple other areas, strategy is essential. But, if you have not set up a culture that motivates employees to execute your strategies, you will soon…

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  • Leadership Is Recovery – so Get a GRIP!
    Leadership Is Recovery – so Get a GRIP!

    As a leader, you will soon learn that each day is spent in recovery. During the course of a day, you will have more challenges than most people will have in a week. As a leader, you have discovered the secret for being strong and effective – quicker recovery is essential to move a company toward profits.…

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  • The Silence of Erosion
    The Silence of Erosion

    Organizations begin to crumble when they allow their culture to erode. Erosion is very subtle and silent. Several years ago, I owned a ranch outside of Tulsa in a community called Jenks. Our ranch had a creek on the north side, with my fence line about ten yards away. As time went on, this fence line inched…

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  • Are You a Boss Or A Leader?
    Are You a Boss Or A Leader?

    Throughout my many years of working with organizations, I have discovered that people never quit their job, instead they quit their boss. It is believed employees quit because of money; not so, the majority quit because the person who oversees their daily work, whether a supervisor, manager, or boss, lacks fundamental leadership skills. If you…

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Bob Says…

“Give me a great marketing plan and a great products with a bad culture and I will show you failure 100% of the time.

Keeping a strong focus on your corporate values, which should align with your personal values, keep the culture strong.”