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  • Why Companies Don’t Grow
    Why Companies Don’t Grow

    Have you ever wondered how two small companies could begin at the same time in a garage or small shopping center and one becomes a billion-dollar enterprise while the other struggles? Have you ever thought about what might detour the success of one and not the other? I would like to share my personal observation…

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  • Why The Rich Need To Get Richer
    Why The Rich Need To Get Richer

    I have learned that a person’s philosophy determines their methods. It is obvious that we currently have a war going on in this nation – a war between two philosophies, the one, “capitalism,” and the other “socialism.” The socialist belief is that wealth needs to be redistributed, and those who have wealth need to be…

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  • Keep Going!
    Keep Going!

    Over the years, I’ve been privileged to speak for many Chambers in Texas. Several years ago I spoke for a Chamber of Commerce event in Killeen, Texas. It was their annual rewards gala, with more than 600 in attendance. In the front row was a distinguished gentleman wearing dress blues with three stars on his…

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  • 5 Common Characteristics of Effective Leaders
    5 Common Characteristics of Effective Leaders

    Whether you are a president of a chamber, college, or corporation, you should always be on the lookout to improve your own leadership skills, while developing valuable skills in others. Over my many years of training and working with chambers and other organizations, I have found the following common characteristics among all effective leaders: 1.  …

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Bob Says…

“Give me a great marketing plan and a great products with a bad culture and I will show you failure 100% of the time.

Keeping a strong focus on your corporate values, which should align with your personal values, keep the culture strong.”