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  • Consistently Successful Leadership Qualities
    Consistently Successful Leadership Qualities

    I have over four decades of teaching leadership and performance skills around the world. Recently, I was asked what I would list as the top five characteristics that super achievers/leaders possess that others do not. Here is what I have personally found consistent with top leaders: 1.   Believe in everyone but depend upon no one. This…

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  • Creating a Contagious Culture
    Creating a Contagious Culture

    I have been asked by a city in Texas to assist in developing a strong culture for the entire City. My first presentation was attended by the Mayor, City Councilman, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Two College Presidents, Chamber President, Chamber Chairman, Chief Administrator of the Hospital, along with executives of several key companies. I would…

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  • Culture Always Trumps Strategy
    Culture Always Trumps Strategy

    Companies spend countless hours determining the best strategies to move their businesses forward. From the accounting department to branding, social media to sales, production to marketing to logistics, and to multiple other areas, strategy is essential. But, if you have not set up a culture that motivates employees to execute your strategies, you will soon…

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  • Execution Is Key!
    Execution Is Key!

    In a recent conversation a senior manager of a large corporation said to me, “I am having trouble getting my people to buy into my marketing strategy.” I am still amazed that so many people believe they can create a marketing concept, call their team together and present a beautiful power point presentation, and –…

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Bob Says…

“Give me a great marketing plan and a great products with a bad culture and I will show you failure 100% of the time.

Keeping a strong focus on your corporate values, which should align with your personal values, keep the culture strong.”