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  • Leadership Is Recovery – so Get a GRIP!

    Leadership Is Recovery – so Get a GRIP!

    As a leader, you will soon learn that each day is spent in recovery. During the course of a day, you will have more challenges than most people will have in a week. As a leader, you have discovered the secret for being strong and effective – quicker recovery is essential to move a company toward profits.…

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  • The Silence of Erosion

    The Silence of Erosion

    Organizations begin to crumble when they allow their culture to erode. Erosion is very subtle and silent. Several years ago, I owned a ranch outside of Tulsa in a community called Jenks. Our ranch had a creek on the north side, with my fence line about ten yards away. As time went on, this fence line inched…

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  • Are You a Boss Or A  Leader?

    Are You a Boss Or A Leader?

    Throughout my many years of working with organizations, I have discovered that people never quit their job, instead they quit their boss. It is believed employees quit because of money; not so, the majority quit because the person who oversees their daily work, whether a supervisor, manager, or boss, lacks fundamental leadership skills. If you…

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  • Toxic Personality Traits

    Toxic Personality Traits

    The greatest battle for an organization is developing a strong culture, a set of values that define the direction of the company, and a vision that it very clear. I was recently asked to provide my definition of a culture, and it is simply the SPIRIT of the people. If the spirit of the organization is…

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  • Five Precepts For Explosive Growth

    Five Precepts For Explosive Growth

    Pre·cept /ˈprēˌsept/ — A general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought. In the mid-1970s, we witnessed a very unusual economic trend in the United States —“stagflation.” Stagflation creates persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and stagnant demand in the economy. At the time, I was a 31-year-old entrepreneur full of passion and on…

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  • Finding True North

    Finding True North

    Whether you are in Houston, Texas or Moscow, Russia, the business world has changed. While the economy may trend up and down, change is a factor that stays consistent. Even if your business is currently suffering, when it returns to the good times, the industry will not be like it was during the last period…

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  • Be Willing To Fail To Win

    Be Willing To Fail To Win

    Never have there been so many books, blogs, and videos on leadership as we have today. Many contain useful information, but I find that several have been written by those who have spent little time in leadership or whose experience is limited to only one industry. Many authors and motivational speakers share phrases like, “don’t…

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  • Three Sins That Will Sink an Organization

    Three Sins That Will Sink an Organization

    You can find multiple books and articles on how to become a better leader and build the ideal company. But what about areas that can slow and ultimately destroy the growth of people and organizations?  What are the three areas we need to be conscious of never entering; three threats that will ultimately lead to failure?…

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  • Success Can Be Your Greatest Enemy

    Success Can Be Your Greatest Enemy

    “So many times it happens too fast. You trade your passion for glory” (Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.) I love the Rocky movies, especially Rocky III.  Sylvester Stallone was amazing as Rocky Balboa, a down-and-out Philadelphia boxer who worked hard to be able to fight for a major championship. The movie’s main song, Eye…

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  • When Storms Come

    When Storms Come

    A repost from August 2017 – when Houston experienced Hurricane Harvey. . . . . . . . Over the past week, I have witnessed more people lose more possessions than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Living in Houston, it was astounding to watch the rain fall and fall. Fifty-two inches in a…

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