• When Storms Come

    When Storms Come

    A repost from August 2017 – when Houston experienced Hurricane Harvey. . . . . . . . Over the past week, I have witnessed more people lose more possessions than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Living in Houston, it was astounding to watch the rain fall and fall. Fifty-two inches in a…

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  • You Can’t Defeat What You Can’t Define

    A man walks into a tattoo parlor in San Francisco to get a tattoo. He is not sure what he wants, so he looks behind the counter and sees hundreds of tattoo designs on the wall. He can’t help but notice one that reads, “BORN TO LOSE.” He asks the foreign gentleman behind the counter,…

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  • Essentials for a Dynamic Organization

    Creating a dynamic organization that sustains growth requires several factors. No organization is guaranteed perpetual success; if you simply Google the top ten companies in the U.S. twenty-five years ago, you will find most are gone. Unless steps are taken, it is easy to lose the passion and momentum to sustain. When speaking to Chambers…

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  • Correcting a Contaminated Corporate Culture

    Sound familiar? The negative examples listed above are what I am presented with most when working on culture development. And I am confident some of these statements hit home for many reading this article. So…How Does Ths Happen? If an organization or corporation has any of this negativeness, it always goes back to the leadership…

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