Creating a Contagious Culture

I have been asked by a city in Texas to assist in developing a strong culture for the entire City. My first presentation was attended by the Mayor, City Councilman, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Two College Presidents, Chamber President, Chamber Chairman, Chief Administrator of the Hospital, along with executives of several key companies. I would like to share a brief summary of my presentation.

Every organization and corporation must work to create a contagious culture in order to take their organization to the highest level. It begins at the top; the CEO or key leader of the organization must become intentional on creating the culture. Strong cultures do not happen by accident. The environment must be positive from the top throughout the organization. It begins with a VISION or what some refer to as a DREAM. What is the vision you wish to promote through the culture?

Don’t focus on WHAT you do but rather WHY you do it, because people buy into your WHY more than your WHAT. WHY would I as a future employee or marketer want to be involved with you and more important WHY would I as a customer want to buy into your products and company? Brands that are growing are sharing their WHY! Marriott does not sell hotel rooms, they sell service and reassurance that you can be refreshed after staying with them. You can buy an airline ticket from any carrier for transportation but if you want to have FUN you fly with SOUTHWEST! So to create that culture:

     1. Begin At the Top
     2. Establish Positive Environment
     3. Define Vision or Dream
     4. Focus on Why

This is just the beginning, I will be sharing much more as we move forward over the next few months in greater detail.

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