Overcoming Discouragement

At a recent event, I began by asking the audience, “Who was discouraged last year?” “Who has been discouraged this year?” “How many think you will face discouragement next year?” Naturally, everyone raised their hands. 

I am certainly one who can raise my hand for all three questions. No matter how positive you might be, there will be times when discouragement hits you broadside without giving you a warning. I am quite confident there are many reading this article, at this very moment, who are highly discouraged and looking for a way to rebound. No one is exempt from discouragement.

    There are three important things you lose because of discouragement:

I am sure that we can all look back at our times of discouragement and reflect on these three losses and how true they are to stopping us in accomplishing our dreams. Everything begins to get real dark.

For several years I flew my own plane. I was instrument rated so I would often find myself in rainstorms. I can remember flying on top of the clouds where the sun was light and bright and then be instructed to descend through the rain clouds for the approach to the runway. As I would descend, the bright light would begin to turn gray. As I went deeper into the clouds, the gray would turn to dark gray. And then just before I would break out of the clouds, it would be the darkest. What a feeling, believing your instruments but observing nothing but blackness.

    I have found multiple times in my life that when it became the darkest that was the time I would break out and begin to win again. I believe that many of you, at this very moment, are approaching your breakout point if you will keep the faith.

    So here are a few thoughts on how to fight this mental monster of discouragement; thoughts that will bring you back to your vision when things begin looking dark.

    If you are discouraged today, I ask that you reflect on the suggestions above. I am confident you will begin to break discouragement down to a manageable task.

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