Are You a Boss Or A Leader?

Throughout my many years of working with organizations, I have discovered that people never quit their job, instead they quit their boss. It is believed employees quit because of money; not so, the majority quit because the person who oversees their daily work, whether a supervisor, manager, or boss, lacks fundamental leadership skills.

If you want to test a person’s character, give them power. Simon Sinek says, “A boss has a title. A leader has the people.” Craig Groeschel says, “Position may give you power to control, but trust will give you permission to lead.” 

Let’s look at a few differences between a boss and a leader:

1.  A boss instills fear. A leader inspires confidence.

The old model of “command and control” days has passed. Today, our responsibility as leaders is to “create confidence” with our team.

2.  A boss points out blame. A leader accepts responsibility.

When you find blame in others, you display weakness as a leader. Recently, in a company that I have equity, the CEO shared with his C-Suite the following statement, “If our company fails, do not point the finger at the employees. They fail due to our lack of leadership.”

3.  A boss demands loyalty. A leader extends trust.

If a boss demands loyalty, he or she has not created the right environment in which trust develops loyalty. Loyalty is extended when trust is given.

4.  A boss controls people. A leader empowers people.

My mantra is E3: Encourage-Empower-Equip. This is what I strive to accomplish with every company and individual. Empowering your people is the mark of a great leader, and that empowerment will take your company a very long way.

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