Toxic Personality Traits

The greatest battle for an organization is developing a strong culture, a set of values that define the direction of the company, and a vision that it very clear. I was recently asked to provide my definition of a culture, and it is simply the SPIRIT of the people. If the spirit of the organization is healthy so is the growth.

That being said, what erodes a culture? A toxic person can do much harm to that spirit and here is a quick list of the 8 signs of a toxic person: 

1.  They spread negativity.

2.  They criticize you and others.

3.  They are jealous.

4.  They keep disappointing you.

5.  Everything is always dramatic.

6.  They play the victim.

7.  The are self-centered.

8.  They aren’t interested in changing.

Should you have individuals in your organization that exhibit one or more of the above toxic signs, your chance of having a dynamic culture is void. Identify those who exhibit consistent toxic behavior without any desire to change and consider eliminating them so others in the organization can grow.

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